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Apple Game Center

There are currently 243,803,170 players registered on Apple's iOS Game Center platform. That is almost a quarter billion gamers playing games across iOS devices! The amount of games available in the Apple App Store which support Game Center are too many to mention. The App Store is terrible for allowing us to search through games by category, selecting Game Center only allows you to see the last 100 recently added games, or the first 100 games ascending alphabetically. This is ridiculous as there are so many games we just never find.

In iOS 7 when you access the Game Center section in the App Store you will see the "Best New Games" section which shows you around 18 games. The "Better with Game Center" section another 18 games, so the Game Center section in total displays 36 games, this is useless. So how can we access the thousands of available Game Center games? Well it takes a lot of time finding them individually, either via external links or by scouring through Game Center players game lists. But the worst part about Game Center in the App Store is the lack of information regards a games support for Game Center!

Does the game have Leaderboards and or Achievements? Some players only play to collect points, I myself do not care at all about Leaderboards. But we do not know exactly what a game supports until we download and install it then open it open up and log into Game Center. With all these imperfections I decided to take note of which games support Game Center and also have Achievements and Points, ultimately building a database of the games I have played and earned some points. The aim is to provide Game Center fans a with a large list of games which specifically are Free and have Achievements and Points, displaying this data in different sections of the site for easy navigation with links directly to games. This site was designed to be used on a desktop computer or iOS device enabling users to download games directly from the site.

Apple Game Center Games List

The first section I developed for this site was just a database of every single game I ever played which supports Achievements. I eventually only added the games where I was able to get at least one Achievement before removing the game. I added functionality to this section so that the database table can be sorted to display games by points available descending and achievements available descending. Due to the fact that there are a few thousand in this database I added a search functionality so you can search for a specific game if you wish. I will continue to add to this section of the site with hope to build as large as possible database of games supporting achievements.

Apple Game Center Games Releases

Due to the fact I install so many games and do not get a chance to play them all, I created this section of the site to add every single game which is released which also supports Achievements and Points. Before Apple updated Game Center in iOS, a screen-shot of a game in Game Center displayed the total Achievements and Points for that game, which I used as the game image, but in iOS 7 this image only shows maximum achievements and the points I have so far obtained, another flaw in the design of Game Center in iOS 7. For each game added a link is provided which provides direct access to the game in the App Store. If anything, this section provides a clean fast way to access Game Center games without having to go through all of the searching I myself have done.

Apple Game Center Games Reviews

The last section of the site I felt was quite an important area. Gaining points while playing Game Center games is how you will achieve ranking overall globally. Most games make it quite difficult to get many points meaning you either need a lot of time to get points or you need better games. This is what this section does, it contains a list of all the Game Center games that give away a lot of points quite easily. If I come across one of those rare game where I can get 500 points in half an hour, you will find it in the Reviews section. The games are rated based on their ease to get Achievements, average point value and level of fun. Links are added again to this section to provide you with direct access to download games. I try and update this section of the site as much as possible but keeping this site up to date does take up a lot of time.